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Timber Gap publishes works of fiction and nonfiction  as well as information related to their subject matter.  All of our initial books are the works of critically acclaimed author and journalist Ronald B. Taylor. Starting in 2010 we will begin accepting a limited number of new manuscripts for consideration.

New Releases

Timber Gap Publishers is pleased to announce, Wild Card, the new novel from Ronald B. Taylor. Review copies are now available.  Wild Card is available for sale to the public through Amazon or directly from Timber Gap Publishers.

Praise for Wild Card


 The Midwest Book Review

 "... an exciting work of historical fiction, recommended."


Boomer Times & Senior Life

    "Wild Card is the culmination of Ronald B. Taylor's lifetime observing, feeling, sharing and illuminating the downside of American life in the agricultural fields of central California. No one could do it better....."


Independent Publisher

    "For readers drawn to the down and dirty, gritty and grim realities of low life in the alley starting in 1939 when picking cotton at $1 per hundred pounds was considered a good wage, this book reeks of pain, crookedness, and human endurance."

2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Bronze Medal Winner

West-Pacific - Best Regional Fiction


Rite of Passage

    Jake Robertson is in over his head.  It's 1939: The U.S. is on the brink of World War II, and California's San Joaquin Valley, where Jake's family of destitute migrant workers lives and works, is a hothouse of underworld activity.  During his harrowing rite of passage Jake will be tested by juvenile detention, the war, and the worst that gangland forces can muster against him.  Accused of murdering his own friend, Jake seeks to clear his name with the help of an investigative reporter and a bewithching prostitute. On his tail are strike breakers, hit men, and the dirtiest cops known in the Valley. Playing out against the seedy back-drop of labor disputes, gambling dens, race tracks, and whorehouses, the novel asks whether Jake - a flawed but promising and highly capable young man - can redress the many wrongs against him and his own and navigate his way through a maze of corruption without compromising his integrity.

    An outgrowth from Taylor's acclaimed novel Long Road Home (Henry Holt, 1988), which critics compared to Steinbeck's work, Wild Card is a fast-paced, hard -hitting historical adventure.  With its compelling characters, wealth of accurate historical detail, and breathless, brilliant literary style, Wild Card is a sure bet.

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